We want Peter Pan Pre School to not only be where your child receives the start of their education, but also a great place for families to make friends.

Peter Pan Pre School provides your child with a warm, caring and friendly environment in which to make the gradual transition from home to school. Our qualified, very experienced and dedicated staff help our children develop their intellectual and social skills.

We are a non-profit community based preschool which allows us to provide a family orientated environment that reflects the diversity of our community.

Our emphasis is on community and the staff and committee members wish to provide an atmosphere that promotes this philosophy.

Our Philosophy

In Respect to Children We Believe:

Children are unique individuals and we encourage each child to reach their full potential in accordance with their individual ability.


  • We implement a child based program in accordance with the Early Years Learning Framework which gives the children opportunity to make choices and to be active contributors to their own and other children’s learning.

Children have a right to respectful and reciprocal relationships with educators.


  • Educators implement an inclusive approach to positively supporting the growth of each child’s identity, self -esteem and diversity.

Children can develop confidence and a positive self-esteem through a safe and secure environment.


  • Educators are aware of providing an environment that is safe and secure which promotes each child’s learning and development.
    We encourage children to be active in problem solving using negotiation skills for conflict resolution with other children. As well as making positive choices and asserting their needs and feelings by using words which is guided and supported by their educators.

In Respect to Families:

We recognise that families are the child’s most influential educators


  • We encourage children to involve their families throughout their learning at preschool. As well as acknowledging and respecting cultural diversity and differing values and beliefs.

Making partnerships with families will allow Educators to make connections to assist in achieving children’s learning outcomes.


  • We commit to open communication with families which include daily visual diary, child portfolios, newsletters, information boards, questions and feedback forms, information nights and twilight picnics.

We provide families with information to support their role as a parent.


  • We can be a resource to provide information for families and so they can access information in the community.

In Respect to Educators:

We have trained and committed Educators that are a vital component in providing a warm and friendly service for children and families.


  • Educators are provided with opportunities for ongoing professional development and to contribute in staff meetings with their ideas and skills, programming and daily reflection.
  • Educators are aware of the importance of confidentiality and to be respectful of family information.
  • Educators recognise the importance of welcoming our families daily into our preschool environment which provides a sense of belonging.

In Respect to Community:

We view our preschool as part of a wider community as we are committed in providing a valuable service for our families.


  • We provide links to information and support services.
  • We recognise the importance of making connections with local organisations
  • We recognise the importance of following guidelines that are set down by governance body